April a Month of Transition

Hello Friends,

There is not another month on the coast so full of transformation and transition than April. Not only can the weather change on the drop of a dime, like this last week when we had mid-70s during the day followed by a 25 degree drop within 6 hours making for a cool night, but also the transition of our visitors. During most of the Winter and early Spring, we see lots of local travelers from the valley and Portland, but as the month continues we see more and more people from further and further places. The other big change is Rhody Days. That annual celebration marking the start of summer is right around the corner, and our little community is getting ready.

Since April is the time when we see more visitors coming to enjoy some typical Coastal weather, we thought, “What better way to show our appreciation than to extend the awesome  2 for 1 coupon?” Make sure to use it on your next visit. Scroll down to get yours.

We hope to see you soon at The Lighthouse Inn,

Denise and Louis,
Owners of the Lighthouse Inn
Florence, Oregon

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Apr. 9-31: Sea Life Art Exhibit
Apr. 15-17: Shrek the Musical, Jr.
Apr. 16-17: Early Rhody Show

View a full list of events here.

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