The Wind the Rain, and the Sun, Oh My!

Hello Friends,

What two things is the Oregon Coast know for in November Pacific Storms and Thanksgiving. The secret about November is the storms help to create the perfect opportunity for long walks and beach combing, with only a few locals venturing out. If a little solitude on Nature's grand stage is appealing to you, now's the time to find it right here in Florence.

Another interesting fact about coastal weather in November is that often it's opposite of what's happening in the Willamette Valley. If it's cloudy and fogged in there, chances are high you'll find warmth and sunshine here. When you're looking for a break from the chill of winter in the valley just check the weather app on your phone, then call to reserve a room with us and make your way out to enjoy the great weather here.

To help make your stay a little more comfortable, we have a huge deal for you, all through November: Save 10% on your next stay. This deal even includes Thanksgiving weekend. Call to make your reservation now.

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This even includes the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend.
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November Events

Nov. 6: Daylight Savings Ends
Nov. 8: Election Day
Nov. 11: Veteran's Day
Nov. 24-27: Thanksgiving Weekend

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